Recommended for saxophone teachers and students, regardless of level. David Demsey, The Saxophone Journal

"Finally: the manual on my instrument!" said one the first reviews of Tipbook Saxophone. And it's a buyer's guide too, as well as an owner's guide, a reference book... Tipbook Saxophone brings you the combined knowledge and expertise of some twenty saxophone makers, reed experts, mouthpiece wizards, and musicians. Written with beginners in mind, an inspiring resource for advanced players, even a reference for pros!

Your best instrument
Tipbook Saxophone
helps you buy the instrument that best suits your style and your budget, exploring the material and the design of the instrument, the plating, bell and neck designs, special keys and key systems, ergonomics, pads, and so on. Additional chapters explain everything you need to know about mouthpieces, ligatures, and reeds. Tips on reed adjustment are included, of course, and the Tipcodes in the book give access to short videos showing you how that's done - and more.

Fingering charts and more
The final chapters shed a light on the history, the family, and the making of the instrument. A glossary and a extended index turn this owner's guide into a handy reference book. A complete set of fingering charts are the icing on this musical cake. Enjoy!


Tipbook (print)
Text: Hugo Pinksterboer
Tipcodes: 24 (site)
ISBN: 978-90-8676-101-3
Price: $ 14,95


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eTipbook (app for tablet/smartphone)
Text: Hugo Pinksterboer
Tipcodes: 24 (included in the app)
Download: free (incl. 50+ page preview)
Price: in-app purchase of the full version: $ 6,99

Until March 1, 2016: 
iOS version FREE, Android $0,99 !

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Tipbook sample pages

eTipbook (app) sample pages

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Press quotes

  • For good, sound, well-written advice that is free of equipment or stylistic politics, this Tipbook is well worth its price. Recommended for saxophone teachers and students, regardless of level. David Demsey, The Saxophone Journal
  • This book is a really delightful surprise. Besides the fact that the print quality and typography is superb, the subject is thoroughly covered and illustrations are well rendered and informative. Beginners and intermediate players will certainly profit from this book and its associate web site as well as band directors and teachers. Harri Rautiainen, Sax on the Web
  • Tipbook Saxophone does not assume that all saxophone players aim towards playing pop, rock or jazz; Excellent for either quick reference, trouble-shooting or top-up information for the most hardened saxophone devotee; Clearly marked chapters…; Very informative. Winds
  • This is a great book for answering all those pesky questions about the saxophone. I haven’t been able to think of  a topic that isn’t mentioned in this book. James Nightingale, Australian Clarinet & Saxophone
  • This book is a really delightful surprise. Sax on the Web
  • I was amazed by the cross-section of information covered within this one book Skipp Sprat,
  • Comprehensive approach; easy-to-follow layout makes these Tipbooks a joy to read. Music Trades
  • Very comprehensive, detailed and yet accessible; valuable for both teachers and players. Australian Music Teacher Magazine

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